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Premium quality – solid linguistic expertise, native English quality & excellent writing skill.

Combining precision & creative flair.

Appropriate style – be it marketing, business or technical.

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Making the most of new-found opportunities in an interconnected world means leveraging language capital – producing language that can be fully understood by your audience, partners and customers.

Have your copy translated from German or Russian into English with native English quality, professional competence and quality assurance.


Revision includes proofreading and editing of translated or original copy in English. Have your own copy polished before publishing or simply checked for errors.


Localise language content to build rapport and personal connection with your audience. 

Your copy will be adapted to suit a specific cultural market and audience, and will most likely have significant differences to the original

The degree of localisation will depend on your requirements and purposes.




Your translator & language service provider

Jaime Holmes


Translating from German and Russian affords me the opportunity to keep abreast of cutting-edge developments in various industries and markets, and be a part of new and exciting innovations in a fast-changing world. This makes translation for me both enjoyable and meaningful.

I am a native (UK) English speaker and work with translation pairs German-English and Russian-English. I am a professional freelance translator with a wealth of experience in written translation for both German-English and Russian-English. Working for Daimler AG, automobile company, Germany, first gave me insight into automotive translation, where I primarily dealt with automobile legislation, namely technical specifications. I have since built up a wealth of experience by translating hundreds of thousands of words from German and Russian into English every year. I generally translate in the fields of marketing (including company websites, press releases, videos and surveys) and engineering (chemical, oil & gas, environmental and patents), combining technical competency and creative flair. I also have a keen interest in the chemical industry and experience also extends to tourism & leisure.

‘Immersion’ is the new craze with language acquisition nowadays. Living in Russia for over 6 years has given me insight into the Russian language, mentality and culture. It’s thus also my pleasure to be able to translate Russian culture and language for English-speaking audiences.

If it is native English quality translations you are after with excellent research and linguistic skills, then look no further. By collaborating with me you will enjoy the benefits of discussing your requirements directly with me, your translator.

Investing in communication

Communication is no exception when it comes to Investment. Most areas require some form of investment to ensure growth and vitality, and facilitate progress, whether that be for our health, our relationships, families, business or urban infrastructure.

Language is what allows us to communicate our ideas and inner thoughts to the world. It is arguably the most powerful tool we have as human beings, allowing us to achieve far more in collaboration than we would otherwise be able to as individuals.

Language can, of course, be used in many ways – be it to unite, persuade, inform, reproach, attack or inspire. Understanding the purpose and audience of language content is crucial in being able to produce quality and effective translation.

Here, it’s important to understand that translation is a mindful creative process. Language is created and used by humans for humans. Language is more than a codified system of words. Translation ideally seeks to convey the same purpose and salience of the source language with a sensitivity and understanding of, at least, culture, history and your audience. Translation should thus not be seen as a commodity that can be easily interchanged and substituted. A translation is purposefully created, just like a piece of music or a tailored suit. Investing in quality translation is like choosing a surgical tool over an unwieldy mallet.

If you believe in the importance of your message, then entrust a professional to take your message seriously and ensure that an English-speaking audience does so too.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Translation may only be part of your required language solution. Besides, purpose, content and form all play important roles.

Needs and opportunities are undoubtedly set to grow along with changes and developments in all kinds of fields, be it the economy, technology, politics or online media. Keeping up with changes and being able to adapt is key for surviving in the 21st century. This is a challenge for us all. Here it is my goal to help you find suitable translation-related solutions for your needs, connecting you with a wider audience in the most effective way.
If your content requires audiovisual translation, which is a relatively new area of translation, efforts will focus on the synergy of audio and visual content for maximum effect.

In the case of company marketing and promotional videos, there is also quite often a need for voice recording by native English speakers or the need to transcribe and translate audio material.

Another issue may be the localisation of marketing or website content in order to correctly engage with your target audience and avoid any cultural stumbling blocks. The practice of ‘transcreation’ (combining translation and the creation of new content) will take this even further if your source content has to undergo more comprehensive change to make it suitable for and resonate with the target audience.

By personally collaborating with your translator and language service provider you will benefit in being able to discuss and work out your requirements directly with me.

Please email me to discuss your requirements and request a quote.



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Jaime is consistent in the quality and accuracy of his translation and proofreading, and approaches all work professionally and conscientiously.

Marina Barsegyan

His work has always been to the highest standards and delivered within the requested deadlines. I have therefore no hesitation recommending Jaime to other companies.

Desislav Georgiev

Jaime is a very reliable and professional translator. Always sticks to the deadlines and responds immediately to emails.

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Jaime is very professional, easy to work with, quick to respond and respects deadlines.

With an excellent command of Russian and German as well as his native English, he is unfailingly conscientious in providing us with translations of the highest quality.

Ros Thomas