The onset of spring is greeted with the shrills of drills and the battering of hammers. As the ice thaws, so do those half-finished home projects, and work continues more or less where it left off. ‘Remont’ (ремонт) is that all-encompassing term used in Russian to denote almost any kind of home improvement. For the […]

Stagnation needn’t be inevitable

Now is a great time for Russian businesses to ride out the recession by diversifying into foreign markets. The weak Russian rouble could potentially provide Russian businesses with an edge on foreign competitors and promise greater returns in rouble-denominated terms. Business investment is what will allow companies to grow in the long term and come […]


By our words we continue to shape the world in which we live. Language is the only thing that holds us together. It’s what connects us and allows us to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Without it we are but islands. Leveraging quality translated content will help establish even more connections and opportunities. However, when […]