Please send your documents and requirements by email to receive a quote.

Your translation is a bespoke work. You will be provided with a quote for the project as a whole, rather than 'standard' rates. This is because all texts vary in terms of their complexity, the background reading and research required, the creativity demanded and the quality with which the source text itself is written. Individual quotes are based on an estimate of all factors involved in providing translation-based solutions and services.

The price factors include, among other things, the difficulty of the source text, the specialist field, preparation, document format, research, urgency, proofreading and custom requirements. The degree of localisation required for content translated will also be considered.

Here it is important to realise that all translations are unique. In order not commodify translation and compromise on quality, per-word or per-hour rates are not given.

Communicative competence is vital for a company, and your readers and customers, above all, will appreciate this.

Please bear in mind that an advance payment of 50% of the total price is required when ordering your first job.