Stagnation needn’t be inevitable

Now is a great time for Russian businesses to ride out the recession by diversifying into foreign markets.

The weak Russian rouble could potentially provide Russian businesses with an edge on foreign competitors and promise greater returns in rouble-denomiinvestmentnated terms.

Business investment is what will allow companies to grow in the long term and come out stronger from one of Russia’s longest recessions in over a decade.

Without investment, however, business’ myopia will lead to stagnation and the inability to compete in the twenty-first century.

Expanding business into English-speaking markets is at least one way of tapping new sources and broadening one’s horizons. New personal connections will almost certainly guarantee new opportunities as well.

Here, translating company content and exploring localization solutions may be the most worthwhile investment you make in the foreseeable future. It’s a prudent means of adding value to your business.

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