Revision & proofreading

All my translations include a revision stage for quality assurance purposes and to ensure that you receive a polished text.

revision _ chiselling translation

However, you may have a text of your own in English that requires finishing touches and an extra polish to be published in a journal, or a magazine or reports. Allow me to lend you a hand.

The revision process will involve ensuring your written English has perfect structure, grammar, vocabulary and consistency throughout. It may be possible to spot foreign-language interference, such as literal translations  from your language or stilted word order that may sound unnatural in English. I’ll polish up the prose and make it flow for you.

I can also offer revision services for translators who wish to polish up their texts before forwarding them to important clients or who require a second set of eyes to verify accuracy of their translated material.

In some cases it’s just a matter of revising to remove typos and other minor errors (i.e. proofreading a text). However, unless you’re a native speaker of English, then it’s probably a revision that you need, as all editing naturally includes proofreading.